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Frequently Asked Questions Are Fusion bulk bags safe? Will FUSION bulk bags work with my bag discharging equipment? Do FUSION bags require liners? What is the difference between a FUSION bag and a standard bag? Is there any sewing on the FUSION bag?

Yes, this design has undergone years of testing and follows the same safety standards as traditional bulk bags.

Yes, if your equipment worked with standard bags, it will work with FUSION bags.

No, in most cases the coating and manufacturing system of the bags themselves eliminate the need for  liners.

The main difference is that there no thread or needle holes in the Fusion bag. The FUSION bag is constructed using a patent pending system.

The loops are sewn to a patch but the patch with the loop is attached using our patent pending process. There is no sewing in the product containment area of the bag.


AmeriGlobe has created the first practical and safe non-sewn bulk bag, FUSION. FUSION bags are constructed using a patent pending, computer controlled system. This gives the user a bag without needle holes or thread contamination. Our system eliminates the need for operators or machines to touch the product containment area.


The act of sewing a bulk bag creates many issues. The needle hole themselves weaken the fabric by 30% by perforating it. The FUSION bond is so strong that it utilizes more than 95% of the original fabric strength. When the needle goes through the fabric it creates fabric fragments, dust from the thread, and increases the chances of thread contamination.


One of the most frustrating problems FUSION solves is the need for a liner. The seals and coating that make FUSION work are so efficient that in most cases they can replace the need for liner. This eliminates the filling and discharging issues. FUSION bags discharge more quickly and cleanly than standard lined bags. Without the wrinkling and gathering of the liner there is no product trapped after the bag is emptied.


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