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From the first day our business began in 1985, it was our vision to design bags that addressed the varied problems and changing requirements faced by bulk bag users. Whether the problem was stabilizing the product in the bag or protecting auger equipment from excess liner extension, AmeriGlobe invented solutions. This vision sharpened as we solved our customers’ problems by creating patented solutions.


None of our inventions rival Fusion. Fusion is the brainchild of our Research and Development, engineering, and design teams. AmeriGlobe is bringing to market the first, viable, non-sewn bulk bag design.


AmeriGlobe’s team has always believed that it is better solve issues at the design level whenever possible. This belief allows our customers to reduce their overall spend, usually by making small changes to their bag designs to solve issues. Until now, there has been no single solution to all of the issues caused by sewing bulk bags. Fusion is that solution; no threads, no needle damage to the fabric, no hands or equipment in the bag during product, and no need for liners.


To learn how about why Fusion might be the right answer to your bulk bag problems, contact AmeriGlobe today.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any sewing on the FUSION bag? HOw clean is the interior of the bag? What testing has been performed on Fusion bulk bags? Do FUSION bags require liners?

No, in most cases the coating and manufacturing system of the bags themselves eliminate the need for  liners.

The loops are sewn to a patch but the patch with the loop is attached using our patent pending process. There is no sewing in the product containment area of the bag.

Very clean. Unlike sewn bags, neither the sewing machine head or the operator's hands never touch the inside of the bag. Since there is no sewing on the body of the bag, there are no loose threads, thread dust, or needles parts in the bag.

In addition to third party top lift testing, Fusion bags have undergone in-house testing for safe working load, seam strength, corner loop testing, jerk tests, stacking test, and many more. One of our first customers even ran a test to verify the lack of significant moisture transfer.

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